Gepubliceerd op 19-05-2016

4 Ph.D. Positions, research project on ‘The Global City: Challenges, Trust and the Role of Law’

Job T.M.C. Asser Institute in collaboration with Ets Haim – Livraria Montezinos Library.

The first pair of Ph.D. researchers will explore seventeenth-century Amsterdam’s intellectual history, that is, the early modern Portuguese Jewish body of social-political and legal thought on diversity, identity, and global trade relations as found in the holdings of Ets Haim/Livraria Montezinos, as well as some related other collections, and the second pair of Ph.D. researchers will deal with the role of international (human rights) law in the global city’s approach to urgent societal challenges of the twenty-first century. While each of the four Ph.D. projects will deal with its own set of questions, together these studies explore an interrelated set of themes: that is, firstly, identity construction, citizenship, and fundamental rights as a source of trust in the global city (then and now), and, secondly, the role and position of the global city at the international stage (then and now).

The four Ph.D. researchers thus are expected to engage respectively with:

  • A. Ets Haim and identity within the context of the early modern Amsterdam legal debate on citizenship (vacancy 01); 
  • B. Ets Haim and the early modern Amsterdam legal debate on trade and war with the non-European world (vacancy 02); 
  • C. Diversity and identity in Global Cities: human rights as a source of trust (vacancy 03); 
  • D. Global Cities, human rights, and the reconfiguration of international law (vacancy 04). 

See for more information: http://www.asser.nl/about-the-institute/jobs-opportunities/4-phd-positions/

You can apply for this job until June, 5 2016.

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