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Call for Candidates ’Training Sharing Stories on Contested Histories’

The Netherlands Government attaches great importance to the past we share with
other countries and what its traces can teach us about ourselves and our
connections with these countries. This shared past is both rich as well as complex
and its aftermaths are still discernible in our present-day soc¡et¡es. To increase
the awareness and visibility of this shared past and to contribute to the
sustainable preservation of its tangible and intangible traces, the Netherlands
Government has initiated the Shared Cultural Heritage Programme. Through this
programme, the Netherlands works together with Australia, Brazil, India,
Indonesia, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname and the United States
of America.

When it comes to presenting shared pasts, heritage institutions in the Netherlands
have become more and more aware of the need to become more polyvocal,
engaging, diverse, (self)reflective and participatory. Inclusive, representative and
participatory modes of sharing cultural heritage and the therewith linked histories
add relevance to our institutions and society at large. In the Netherlands, this
awareness has resulted in an ethical rethink and change on working practices on
collecting, designing exhibitions and setting up learning programmes. It is a work
in progress, however, which will highly benefit from exchanges of expertise with
other countries.

Within this context, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, part of the
Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, invites emerging museum
professionals and academics from Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan,
Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, the United States of America and the
Netherlands to join the second edition of the international training ‘Sharing
Stories on Contested Histories’. This training aims to bring together professionals
and academics to reflect on the engagement with and presentation of shared
cultural heritage topics that might be considered as being ‘contested’.

Training and selection details
The Cultural Heritage Agency offers this training in close collaboration with the
Reinwardt Academy, a faculty of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. It will take
place in the Netherlands, from 1-13 December 2019. It is recommended that the
candidates arrive the day before the training (30 November) to ensure
attendance. During the train¡ng, which will be case oriented and practical in
approach, the trainees will also work with professionals from several museums in
the Netherlands.

The group of trainees will consist of two participants of the above mentioned
partner countries plus two trainees from the Netherlands. Per country, there is a
maximum of two participants, of which one emerging museum professional and
one emerging academic from (vocational) universities. Selection is done by the
Cultural Heritage Agency and the Reinwardt Academy on the basis of the
– The candidate works in the heritage or academic field in one of these
countries: Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, South
Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, the United States of America and the
– The candidate has to be proficient in the English language, both in
written and spoken form.
– The candidate falls within the age range 25 – 35.
– The candidate has a bachelor, specialist or master degree.
– The candidate has at least three years’experience in the heritage or
the academic field.
– The candidate can commit to the training period: 1-13 December
2019. It is recommended that the candidate arrives the day before
the training (30 November) to ensure attendance.

The motivation letter of the candidate (500 words) and a resume have
to be submitted before 15 June 2019, I AM.
The resume should include the following details
– First name
– Surname
– Address
– Email address
– Gender
– Date of birth
– Education
– Employer organisation
– Position in the organisation
– Level of English [Reading]
– Level of English [Speakingl
– Level of English [Understanding]
– Work experience
The results of the selection will be communicated before 15 July 2019
Tuition fees for the training, costs for accommodation (selected by the Cultural
Heritage Agency) during the training and excursions as part of the training will be
covered by the Shared Cultural Heritage Programme of the Cultural Heritage
Agency of the Netherlands. In addition, the Agency also covers travel expenses in
the Netherlands to commute between accommodation and training location.
Please note: costs for travel to and from the Netherlands, valid travel documents,
visa and travel insurance will have to be covered by the participants or his or her

For more information about the Cultural Heritage Agency, our Shared Cultural
Heritage Programme and mentioned training, including set up and learning
objectives, please see Appendix I. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to
contact Ms. Iris Volkers: i.volkers@cultureelerfgoed.nl, Training Coordinator.

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