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Call for Local Organisers to host the Biographical Data in a Digital World conference 2019

Expressions of Interest: Call for Local Organisers to host the Biographical Data in a Digital World conference 2019 * (BD2019)
We hereby invite expressions of interest for local organisers to host the Biographical Data in a Digital World 2019 conference (BD2019). The biennial Biographical Data in a Digital World Conference series started in 2015 in Amsterdam and wasfollowed up in 2017 in Linz:

BD2015: http://www.biographynet.nl/biographical-data-in-a-digital-world/
BD2017: https://sites.google.com/view/bd2017/home

The conference series aims at bringing together researchers from the humanities and the computer sciences to exchange experiences, methods and practices with respect to ICT-mediated quantitative and qualitative analysis of biographical data. What can we do already with computational methods with the huge amount of digital biographical data that is available? What will we be able to do in the future? What will we not be able to do? Based on previous years, we expect around 50-80 participants. The preferred dates for BD2019 are in collocation with a relevant event (if also geographically close) or early Spring 2019, but some flexibility is possible. As local organisers you will be responsible for advertising and hosting the conference. You will work closely together with the program chairs, who are responsible for the contents of the conference and the conference proceedings.

In your bid please state the following:

  1. Host Institution + planned location for BD2019
  2. Organisers, names and affiliations
  3. A short motivation + any benefits of your location. This may include:
    ○ Infrastructure (how to reach from airports, by public transport, places to stay)
    ○ Proximity/accessibility for conference delegates
    ○ Possibilities of co-locating the event with related events (so people traveling can visit multiple
    events in one trip)
    ○ Facilities: e.g. rooms that are available for presentations and poster sessions
  4. Costs that have to be covered by people attending the conference. Note that we prefer to keep this an
    accessible, ideally fee-free or low-fee conference. Rooms and services provided can be very basic. This
    ○ Estimated conference fee
    ○ Estimated accommodation costs for participants
    ○ Estimated costs for meals (lunch/dinner) if not included in the conference fee
  5. Preference for a 1 or 2 day conference
  6. Options for (approximate) dates for the conference

Please send your bid before April 30 2018 to bd2017_editors@googlegroups.com. Bids will be evaluated based on components 3 (motivation) and 4 (costs). In case of equal or close ranking, preference will be given to locations that are further removed from the host cities of the last two BDs. A decision will be made by May 31st, 2018.

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