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Call for Papers: Early modern Jesuit science in a digital perspective

In recent years, an ever growing number of scholars in the humanities have realized the benefits they can gain from using digital methods in their work. This holds particularly true when it comes to dealing with large amounts of similarly structured information, as is the case in the study of early modern Jesuit science: biographical information of the involved actors, bibliographical information of published scientific works and unofficial manuscripts, chronologies of colleges and their scientific chairs, and so on. In order to record, categorize, and then map out all this data in a sensible way, it would only seem obvious to use computers, thus allowing for truly comprehensive studies to be made.

In our workshop “Early modern Jesuit science in a digital perspective – The Jesuit Science Network”, we want to discuss such digital approaches in practice. As a particular example, we want to present the titular Jesuit Science Network (JSN), a biographical database on Jesuit scholars in early modern science that is currently in its last stages of development at Wuppertal University. After completion, it will contain around 1000 entries and will be put online for other researchers to use (expected launch mid 2016). Aside from discussing the JSN, the workshop also wants to give ample opportunity to address other digital methods and how the study of early modern Jesuit science can benefit from them.

Submission guidelines

We are now inviting proposals for papers. Depending on the number of responses, presentations will have 20-30 minutes available (plus additional time for discussion). Please send your submissions (including a title, an abstract of 1-2 pages, and a short CV of maximum one page) to Dagmar Mrozik at mrozik@uni-wuppertal.de. We would like to particularly encourage young scholars to submit their papers.

The deadline is September 4, 2015.

Practical information

The workshop is hosted by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Science and Technology Studies (IZWT) at Wuppertal University and will be held in English. We are able to reimburse lodging costs for contributors, but because funds are limited, please let us know in advance if you will need support to cover traveling expenses.

If you have any further questions, please contact Dagmar Mrozik at mrozik@uni-wuppertal.de. Please also feel free to inform others, especially young academics, about the workshop and this call for papers.

We look forward to your participation!

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