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Call for Papers: The Changing Face of Medieval Dutch Narrative Literature in the Early Period of Print

In this research project we are studying the corpus of early printed narratives in Dutch, published between 1477 and c. 1540 (www.changingface.eu). In order to understand the diversity and the peculiarities of these texts and editions, special attention is paid to their relation to the European context. To this end, research on printed narratives in other European languages is expressly taken into account.

Medieval narratives were often heavily adapted when they went to press. In our corpus of texts, these textual transformations include changes of content, abbreviations, amplifications, the change from verse to prose, and the insertion of verse passages. In order to make their editions attractive and accessible, printers across Europe made use of paratextual elements such as title pages, prologues, chapter headings, tables of contents and illustrations, which could also result in changes with regard to contents. These textual transformations and presentation strategies are the subject of the project’s second expert meeting, which will take place in Antwerp, November 26-27, 2015. This two-day meeting will take the form of discussions on the basis of written contributions. Each participant will be asked to reflect on the findings of a fellow contributor.

Scholars who study textual transformations and presentation strategies in printed editions and specialize in areas other than Middle Dutch literature are invited to participate in this expert meeting. We also welcome contributors who study ‘mise en prose’ in late-medieval manuscripts. If you are interested, please submit a 200-word proposal in English, French or German. Your contribution to the meeting may consist of an already published article, work in progress or a discussion paper. Your proposal should reach us before March 15, 2015. If your proposal is accepted, we will ask you to send us your contribution by September 15, 2015, at the latest.

Please submit your proposal to:
Elisabeth de Bruijn

Elisabeth de Bruijn
Rita Schlusemann
Bart Besamusca
Frank Willaert

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