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Director NIOD-KNAW – Amsterdam

For NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies (NIOD), the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences is seeking an internationally recognised and authoritative humanities and social sciences scholar who takes a wide-ranging approach to science and scholarship and who has an extensive network within and outside the scientific community, a keen eye for diversity and inclusiveness in the broadest sense, and excellent management capabilities. 

  • You will be responsible for the general and day-to-day management of NIOD and as such will bear final responsibility for the institute’s strategic direction and operations, in line with the Academy’s strategy.
  • You will ensure that NIOD remains a leading international institute where scientific and scholarly talent flourishes. You will identify important developments in research and society, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere, and respond effectively to them. You will develop a distinct approach to the profile and future development of NIOD as a dynamic, internationally authoritative institute for research, collections and services with added value for the Netherlands. You will take an innovative approach to the relationship between research and collection, particularly with regard to digitalisation and digital research applications.
  • You will play an important role in national and international networks and partnerships in the field and promote interdisciplinary cooperation with universities and other Academy and NWO institutes, in part so as to improve access to the collections and the collections themselves. You will position the institute with bodies that fund research (including the EU and NWO), knowledge institutions, NGOs, government institutions and the business community, and by doing so create new partnerships.
  • You will devote yourself to fostering science communication and maximising the impact of the institute’s research activities on society. You will be the standard bearer and point of contact in public debate and the media, highlighting the relevance of NIOD’s research for current societal themes.
  • You will represent NIOD both within the Academy (as a member of the Council of Directors) and in national and international bodies, thus promoting the interests of both the institute and the Academy.


  • You are an internationally authoritative and innovative scholar. You have a large national and international network and are demonstrably able to use your network to forge strategic alliances and obtain research grants. You are open to public debate and committed to research integrity and scientific rigour. You are familiar with and have experience in the digitalisation of research and collection management.
  • You have demonstrable leadership skills, you are creative and engaged, and you are capable of leading and inspiring a team of professionals as a ‘first among equals’. You advocate and promote a safe, inclusive and diverse research environment. You have an eye for what is taking place within the organisation; you are people-oriented, empathetic, accessible and capable of making changes; and you invest in your employees’ careers. In doing so, you act as a unifying force.
  • You display integrity, you focus on getting results, and you are decisive and dynamic. You are politically sensitive and an effective communicator, both internally and externally.
  • You have an affinity for, an understanding of and experience in finance and human resources.
  • You have a good command of written and spoken English. Foreign candidates will be expected to have a passive and active command of Dutch within a foreseeable period of time and to familiarise themselves with Dutch culture.

Conditions of employment
This is a full-time appointment for a five-year period with effect from 1 September 2021, with an intended reappointment for a second and final term of five years.

Depending on educational background and work experience, the person appointed will be remunerated at scale 17 (of the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities), including 8% holiday allowance and a year-end bonus of 8.3% of the annual salary.
The Academy has a comprehensive package of fringe benefits.


NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies
The Academy is a learned society of outstanding scientists and scholars, advises the Dutch government on research matters, and is responsible for ten national research institutes and three institutes that deliver infrastructure for research. NIOD is one of the Academy’s research institutes.

The Academy is committed to being a diverse and inclusive organisation and strives to set a good example in its leadership and management and ensure a safe, honest and inclusive workplace culture.

NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies is a Dutch and international expertise centre focusing on interdisciplinary research into the history of war, mass violence and genocide in the 20th and 21st centuries, including their long-term effects on society and the role of the memory of war and mass violence and transitional justice. The scope of research extends to issues of slavery, colonialism and decolonisation (e.g. research on the Dutch East Indies). NIOD’s comparative, international research focus produces new insights for scholarship and society.

The institute also manages major collections and as such fulfils an important role, for example by providing public services and resources for academic training. NIOD also plays a leading role in building digital infrastructures, such as the Dutch Network of War Collections and the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure, aimed at making collections accessible and facilitating research. It is the combination of research, collections and public activities that make NIOD a unique institute.

Additional information
For more information on this position, please contact Ms Mieke Zaanen, Director General of the Academy, at mieke.zaanen@knaw.nl (please provide your telephone number in the e-mail).
NIOD website: www.NIOD.nl; Academy website: www.knaw.nl.

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