Birds of feather? On the changing logic of transborder bird protection, 1902-1950

7 sep 2017
Van 16:00 - 17:15uur

At the next Cultural History Seminar, Dr Raf de Bont (Maastricht University) will present his paper ‘Birds of a feather? On the changing logic of transborder bird protection, 1902-1950’.

In 1922, the International Committee for the Protection of Birds (ICPB) was founded as ’the first truly international conservation organization’. While the ICPB could build on existing initiatives of transborder bird protection, it also reframed these in significant ways. De Bont will study this reframing process by focusing on ICPB’s engagement in the revision of one particular text: the Paris Convention for the Protection of Birds useful to Agriculture (1902). Negotiating this revision proved a very time-consuming and frustrating enterprise.

It took until 1950 before an agreement was reached. While the differences between the conventions of 1902 and 1950 might seem modest at first, De Bont will argue they involved important shifts in the rationale of bird preservation, in the networks of the preservationists, and in the actual object of their protection. The changes, furthermore, offer a good illustration of the potential impact of expert-initiated projects on international policy-making and they help us understand how the cultural framing of environmental problems is constantly adjusted to new contexts.

More information: www.uu.nl

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