Fourth Version of “YoVeo” (“I see”), The Festival of Word and Image in First Person

28 aug 2020

This year, with the support of the Edumedia-3 Research Group and Seedbed, we will celebrate the fourth version of “YoVeo (“I see”), The Festival Of Word And Image In First Person.”

This is an event in which we pay tribute to the different ways of representing and relating the Self, as an exercise and practice of freedom of expression with the purpose of generating a space for reflective exchange in relation to subjectivity, singularity and individualism.

The festival began in 2010 in Pereira (Colombia), a city in which we have gotten to fill four exhibition rooms of the Colombian-American Center, the Colombian-French Alliance, the University Foundation of the Andean Area and Comfamiliar Risaralda (the local family compensation office) with the support of Pereira’s Institute of Culture and Promotion of Tourism (today Secretary-of-Culture’s Office).

In this ten-year-long trajectory and in the three previous versions, artists, cartoonists, videographers, journalists, researchers, students, teachers and citizens in general from El Salvador, Guatemala City, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro have taken part.

This year we have already opened the reception of works and with them we will make the exhibition, online this time, from August 28. We would like to have your participation in one or several activities that we describe below.

The way to do this may be either one of the ones listed below or in anuy other way that you consider pertinent. So, if you feel encouraged to join us, do let us know about your intention by responding to this email.


– In a virtual chat on Facebook Live before August 28 on our page @LaFiestaYoVeo with a duration of between 30 and 60 minutes.
– With a video of a conference that you have already produced or that you would like to produce related to the ways of representing and relating the Self, to be published before August 28.

– With a short article (500 words approx.) about the Self to be published on the website www.edumedia3.co

– As a jury in charge of selecting among the preselected works the three best by category: Images of the Self, Words of the Self, Scenes of the Self, Objects of the Self and Other forms of the Self.

– With a work or paper on the Self: portrait, self-portrait, biography, autobiography, personal memory or life story in one of the four categories whose examples are given below.

– With the promotion of this call among your contacts from your personal, work and research networks of, as one of the peers joining us or through the organization or institution that you represent and that we will be involving through the logo and the media we have access to.

“Images Of the Self” Category: it can be any of these: selfie, photography, painting, drawing, caricature, plasticine, video, cinema. “Words of the Self” Category: poetry, chronicle, newspaper, memory, song, testimony, interview. “Scenes of the Self” Category: monologue, performance, choreography. “Objects Of the Self” Category: photo album, exlibris, t-shirt. “Other forms of the Self” Category: blog, body map, tattoo …

The organization will certify your participation, publish the preselected works digitally and on our media: website, YouTube channel and other social networks giving participants the due credits, as well as in media at the local, national and international levels.

We hope to be able to count on your valuable contribution and are already looking forward to your kind response.

If you decide to help us forward this call, please attach this information for those who wish to participate:

Prior to registration we must know something about the work or paper that will be evaluated by the selection committee and then by the jury of the event, for which we request the sending of a photograph or video (1 minute is enough) if you will participate in Images Of The Self, Scenes of the Self, Objects of the Self or Other Forms of the Self, or an audio (1 minute is enough), if you will participate in Words of the Self.

You must send the image, video or audio to fiestayoveo@gmail.com before July 31, 2020. We will reply as soon as possible with the instructions and conditions for participation in case you are pre-selected.

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