International Conference: The State of the Art in the History of Politics

30 nov - 1 dec 2017
Van 8:00 - 15:00uur

Organized by the National Research School for Political History OPG

30 November – 1 December 2017, Royal Library The Hague

On the occasion of the start of its second lustrum, the National Research School for Political History OPG organizes an international conference to discuss the state of the art in the history of politics. The central issue for this conference is to look for the commonality between the many approaches to the history of politics that have bloomed in the past decades. Does political history still have a core of shared topics, problems and concepts, or is the field fragmented into a wide array of studies on things political? We aim to answer these questions from an intellectual as well as a practical perspective: What do we mean when we study politics? And what are promising new direction for political historians to work on together?


Debates, presentations, proposals
We will organize the conference along three separate lines: debates, presentations, proposals, spread over two days. There will be five debates, each preceded by a key note on main issues of the debate. The key note is given by international scholars, the panel contains a mix of scholars from older and younger generations and from different disciplines. The themes of the panel are (a) Writing the History of Political Culture, (b) Writing the History of Political Institutions, (c) Writing Global History, (d) Politics of the History of Politics and (e) Writing the Political History of the Social. In between the debates, there are four session in which new research can be presented and collaboration forged in elevator pitches, speed dates and sand pits. PhD candidates and research masters present their work with poster presentations.

Speakers (confirmed)
Key notes: Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger , Mark Bevir, Marc Stears, Corinna Unger and Lutz Raphael.

Panellists: Carla van Baalen, Wouter Beekers, Dennis Bos, Gita Deneckere, Karwan Fatah-Black, Anne Heyer, Marieke de Goede, Dienke Hondius, Lotte Jensen, Geertje Mak, Kiran Patel, Remco Raben en Anne-Isabel Richard.

Mieke Aerts, Marnix Beyen, Stefan Couperus, Liesbeth van de Grift, Ido de Haan, Leonard van ’t Hul, Harm Kaal, Ronald Kroeze, Dries Raeymaekers, Pieter Slaman, Margit van der Steen, Henk te Velde with assistance from Eline Abbink.


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