International Symposium Military people in resistances in Europe during World War Two

13 jun - 14 jun 2018
Château de Vincennes

The Service historique de la Défense and Sciences Po are organising in the Château de Vincennes on Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th of June 2018 an international symposium about military people in resistances in Europe during World War Two.

This conference aims to question the specificities – or non-specificities – of military people’s commitment to resistances. It will notably consider the tensions between the fact of being trained to obey orders, on the one part, and that of complying with an ethos gratifying the refusal to surrender and thus of joining a resistance organization, on the other part. As such, belonging to the military could constitute an obstacle against any idea of fighting against the occupant and its auxiliaries. But it could constitute as well a priceless resource in armed combats – be they clandestine or not. The conference will also evaluate the possible specificities of national cases, identify the circulation of fighting theories and experiences across Europe, and endeavor to establish comparisons.

Contact Info: Morgane Barey, Scientific Coordinator.
Contact Email: morgane.barey@intradef.gouv.fr

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