John Brewer – The Art Worlds of Los Angeles. Power Brokers, Artists, and Institutions: from Marcel Duchamp to MOCA

6 okt 2017
Van 17:00 - 18:30uur
Lux, Mariënburg (Nijmegen)

Obsessed with competing with New York, the LA art scene has been vigorous and variegated since the 1960s, when it hosted America’s first Duchamp retrospective.  Though determined to be cosmopolitan and international, its contours have been shaped by a local cultural topography of industries (movies, music, space science), institutions (art schools, art spaces like the Museum of Jurassic Technology, museums like the Norton Simon, the County Museum and the Getty), power brokers like the Chandler family and Eli Broad, and by artists (modernist, pop, folk, Latina, feminist) who have carved out their own city spaces. This talk offers an overview of the LA art world, emphasizing the struggle between the pursuit of distinctiveness and the desire for international recognition.

John Brewer is an internationally acknowledged authority on the history of consumer culture and cultural consumption. His current research focuses on debates on the value of art since 1500 untill the present as well as on the history of travel, tourism and identity. He is an Emeritus Professor of History and Literature at Cal Tech (USA) and former Professor of Cultural History at the European University Institute Florence. He currently joins the Faculty of Arts of Radbod University as a HLCS Visiting Fellow in 2017/18.


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