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Workshop: ‘Population Reconstruction’ at IISH

19 feb - 21 feb 2014
Van 7:30 - 17:30uur

The digital availability of the very large data collections from various historical and modern sources describing jigsaw pieces of the lives of individuals, challenges for new methods and approaches to realize large-scale life cycle and population reconstruction. Methods are needed that are capable of weighting all pieces of available information from a wide range of sources while considering contemporary and local circumstances. Such an approach may resemble the intelligent human reasoning in handling fuzzy, variable, erroneous and missing data.

Whereas for several decades the focus in reconstruction studies largely was on data matching of record pairs, promising results on group linking are now emerging.  At the dawn of the development of these new and more complex population reconstruction methods, with activities in many countries – sometimes isolated, but also in research networks –, it is timely to bring experts together again to discuss the current state of the art, and to look for opportunities for continued or renewed cooperation.

Workshop Topics (not limited to)

    Data pre-processing and cleaning
    Standardization (of person names, places, addresses, occupational titles)
    Learning from rich data sources
    Data structures for multi-source record linkage
    Reasoning strategies
    Decision rules
    Group linking
    Probabilistic data matching
    Graph-based linking
    Historical data mining
    Methods for spatio-temporal reasoning
    Computational efficiency
    Evaluation and benchmarking

More information: http://socialhistory.org/en/hsn/workshop-population-reconstruction

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