Workshop: Representing Family History

5 apr 2017
Van 10:00 - 13:30uur

The Centre for Gender Studies of the University of Groningen organises:

Workshop ‘Representing family history’ on the 5th of April 2017

Family historians combine ‘doing family’ with ‘doing history.’ How do they construct their family histories nowadays? In this workshop you are invited to reflect on the concepts you use when relating to your family history. What can we say about the cultural and historical context in which these concepts are embedded? Tanny Dobbelaar has been analyzing recently written home made family histories and she will present her preliminary conclusions. MA, PhD-students and others are invited to joint the workshop.

Keynote lecture ‘Remembering Mother: maternal voices and bodies in filial life writing’
Helena Wahlström Henriksson (Uppsala University) will discuss the ways in which men ‘write’ their mother, the ways in which they attempt to ‘give voice to’ the mother, and how these filial narratives therefore raise questions concerning (the gendering of) narration, memory and power.

For the workshop please sign up by emailing to: genderstudies@rug.nl
The key note is open to everyone


  • 14.00-16.00 p.m.: Workshop
  • 16.15-17.30 p.m.: Keynote


Het KNHG is de grootste organisatie van professionele historici in Nederland. Het biedt een platform aan de ruim 1100 leden en aan de historische gemeenschap als geheel. Wordt lid van het KNHG.
Terug naar de bron: de geschiedenis ontrafeld met nieuwe technologie. Dat is de missie van het Huygens ING, een onderzoeksinstituut op het gebied van geschiedenis en cultuur.