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Job: Assistant Professor in History, Maastricht University

FASoS is seeking an Assistant Professor with demonstrated excellence in teaching and research in 20th century political history, with a special regional focus on East-Central Europe (excluding Germany) and/or South-Eastern Europe. Research is carried out within the context of the Research Institute for Arts and Social Sciences and, in particular, relating to the interdisciplinary research program Politics and Culture in Europe (PCE). S/He is expected to develop international research projects and to attract external funding.  

(S)he will contribute to the teaching and coordination of courses and supervision of internships, projects and theses in the BA and MA programs of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Arts and Culture and European Studies) and in the program of the University College Maastricht (UCM). The division of teaching and research duties follows the regular division used at the faculty of 60% teaching and management and 40% research. Research time can be extended through external fundraising.


  • The candidate has a PhD degree in History preferably, or a relevant degree in the Humanities or the Social Sciences with a distinctive historical dimension.   
  • Fluency in English is a prerequisite, while non-Dutch speaking applicants are expected to learn Dutch. A passive and/or active command of at least one language of the East-Central and/or South-Eastern European region is required. 
  • (S)he will be open to interdisciplinary work and must display outstanding quality in research, a strong sense of research identity, recognition in the field and intellectual openness. Expertise in the relevant field of research is demonstrated by a substantial number of international academic publications. A relevant international network should provide a solid base for acquiring research funding. (S)he will have experiencein applying for individual grants.
  • (S)he is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher and has demonstrated ability in teaching coordination roles. The candidate must be able to demonstrate that (s)he is capable of teaching effectively in a way that stimulates student learning and maximizes student participation in group discussions. As such, (s)he will be an inspiring and stimulating supervisor. Experience with teaching international classrooms is preferable. All members of staff are expected to place an emphasis on high quality teaching, as reflected in our system of small-scale problem based learning (PBL).
  • The candidate is expected to be a genuine coach and leader, as well as a team player. (S)he should be flexible and have broad academic interests and an open, effective management style.   
  • Following general recruitment policies by the university and the faculty female candidates with equal qualifications will be given preferential treatment.

You can apply for this job until May 22, 2016.
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