Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2016

Job: IISH – KNAW – Executive Assistant

IALHI is looking for an Executive Assistant (m/f) for 8 hours per week based at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.

Job description

Member Relations

  • Recruits new member institutions, by:

    • Preparing and maintaining a prospect list

    • Developing flyers, posters, brochures, etc.

    • Preparing and maintaining IAHLI booths at relevant conferences

    • Reaching out to prospect institutions in other ways

  • Retains member institutions

    • Conduct outreach to existing members

    • Try to win back members who stopped paying their fees

Products and services

  • Maintains and helps develop (content of) IALHI’s website and social media

  • Maintains and helps develop (content of) the Social History Portal

  • Coordinates and helps develop IALHI’s presence in Europeana (and possible other platforms)

  • Monitors the activities of local conference organizers and assists if necessary

  • Looks for relevant calls for grant applications

  • Assists in drawing up grant applications

  • Assists in managing projects, or manage (smaller) projects


  • Prepares Board-meetings and meetings of the General Assembly

  • Assists president and secretary in day-to-day running of the network and in executing the decisions of the board and the general assembly.

  • Takes minutes of Board meetings and meetings of the General Assembly

  • Prepares decisions to be taken by the Board

  • Follows-up on decisions, monitor progress; encourages board members and others, if needed, to take action


  • Conducts member administration

  • Conducts financial bookkeeping through the financial department of the IISH, including drawing up budgets and financial statements

  • Keeps IALHI’s archives


  • Communication skills: you are able to communicate clearly and positively, both verbally and in writing, on paper and in person;

  • “Sales” skills: you are persuasive, adaptive, resilient and resourceful, being able to “sell” IALHI-membership to institutes all over the world;

  • Language skills: proficient in English; Spanish and/or French would be nice

  • (Project) management skills: you are able to organize, plan and effectively implement projects and tasks for yourself and others

  • Problem-solving skills: you use creativity, reasoning, past experience, information and available resources to resolve issues

  • Web-and social media skills: you have a basic knowledge of content management systems, social media accounts, and producing and editing texts, images and movies for the web

  • Administrative skills: you have basic administrative and financial skills

You can apply for this job until April 13, 2016.

More information

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