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Job: Postdoctoral Researcher “Techniques of Scientific Argumentation in the Period of the Universities (c 1150 – c 1400), KNAW

Job description

The Subproject ‘Techniques of Scientific Argumentation in the Period of the Universities’ aims to map and analyze techniques of argumentation in the margins of a core body of authoritative texts on rhetoric and dialectic by Aristotle, Cicero, Boethius, Augustine: the state of the art on reasoning and arguing. Furthermore, it will follow the footsteps of influential individual scholars of the period (c. 1150 – c. 1400) in order to assess how these scholars were, on the one hand, rooted in older scientific practices, and, on the other, how they may have changed it or left their imprint. The postdoctoral researcher will thus:

  • bring together a corpus of annotated manuscripts of rhetorical and dialectical texts from the relevant period;
  • carefully describe and reconstruct working processes of influential scholars of the relevant period;
  • participate in expert meetings and conferences
  • produce at least three articles for A-rated journals;
  • co-organize and contribute to the international concluding conference of the research team, and assist in preparing its proceedings;
  • assist in teaching activities;
  • create an online manuscript exhibition to ensure the public outreach of the project.

The research team consists of Prof. dr. M.J. Teeuwen, Dr. I. van Renswoude and IT specialists of Huygens ING, who will support the setting up of a database system and the online exhibitions.


We are looking for a candidate who is both knowledgeable and passionate about the world of the medieval manuscript and intellectual history of the period. Our requirements are:

  • a PhD in Medieval Studies, Medieval Latin, Manuscript Studies or a related field of research;
  • expertise in the field of medieval Latin, manuscript studies, palaeography and codicology of the relevant period;
  • excellent skills in English (both writing and speaking);
  • good (reading) skills in German and French;
  • a record of international publications and lectures in the relevant field;
  • an interest in creating digital tools for research;
  • an interest in reaching out to a wider public;
  • the willingness to participate in teaching activities of the Medieval Studies program of the University of Utrecht and the National Research School in Medieval Studies;
  • the capacity to work creatively and independently;
  • the ability to work in a team, to share results and collaborate.

You can apply for this job until August, 12 2016.
More information

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