Gepubliceerd op 15-03-2016

Jobs – two Post-Doctoral Research Fellows “War and the Supernatural in Early Modern Europe” (Queen’s University Belfast)

Queen’s University Belfast is seeking to recruit two Post-Doctoral Research Fellows to contribute to the research outputs of the European Research Council project ‘War and the Supernatural in Early Modern Europe’, under the direction of Dr Ian Campbell as Principal Investigator (PI). These are 47-month posts, available from September 2016-August 2020. The salary scale for these posts is £31,656-£33,574 per annum (including contribution points).

The research project aims to bring an improved understanding of the debates inside the Catholic and Protestant universities on faith and warfare to bear on religious warfare in early modern European culture more widely. How might we distinguish religious warfare from other varieties of warfare in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when no secular category existed, and contemporaries divided their cosmos between the natural and the supernatural? How common was it for contemporaries to justify wars for supernatural reasons? Both Franciscans and Calvinists were criticised by their co-religionists for enlarging the supernatural sphere at the expense of the natural, and urging religious war. Were these accusations accurate? These questions will be explored by a project team comprising the PI, two Research Fellows, and one PhD student.

Both Fellows will require a PhD in History or a cognate subject, and an excellent command of English and Latin (which will be tested at interview) is essential. Proficiency in other modern languages such as Italian and German is desirable.

Applications should be made through the Queen’s University Belfast Research Jobs webpage

Informal enquires may be directed to Dr Andrew Holmes, a.holmes@qub.ac.uk, 0044 (0)28 9097 1297.

Anticipated interview date: 25-27 April 2016.
Salary Scale: £31,656 – £33,574 per annum (including contribution points).
Closing date: Monday 4 April 2016.

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