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Open University PhD Candidate (1,0 fte)

The field of Humanities at the Open University includes the disciplines of History, Art History, Philosophy and Literature. Research in Humanities is embedded in the research programs ‘The Value and the Valorization of Culture.’ The focus lies on the study of culture as a complex interaction of dynamic social processes in which values and meanings are developed and formed. Literature forms a separate section within the faculty of Humanities and Law; the staff members of this section carry out research on Western literature and offer courses on literature within the Bachelor and Master Humanities programs. In the research of the section Literary Studies, the focus so far has been on two subtopics: ‘Literature as a social and aesthetic discourse’ and ‘Cultural mediation and participation.’

The PhD-candidate will carry out his/her research within the frame of ‘The Value and the Valorization of Culture’ and will specialize in the field of literature, which can be combined with an interdisciplinary, cultural perspective. The research within the section is focused on Western literature in a global, transatlantic context.

The candidate has completed a (research) master in the field of Humanities with excellent results. He/she has written a good master thesis with a minimum final grade of 8 on the Dutch grading scale (or international equivalent thereof) in the field of literary studies. The candidate’s background can be situated in literary theory and/or comparative literature, and/or be focused on a particular linguistic field within Western literature (Dutch, English, Spanish, French or German). Collaboration with colleagues within the section presupposes that you are able to think outside the frames of national literatures, from a broader literary theoretical and/or comparative perspective.

The candidate can prove scientific interest and research qualities, and ideally has a publication on his/her name. The candidate is enthusiastic and ambitious about scientific research. He/she is able to work both in a team and individually, and has excellent writing skills. Interdisciplinary experience and interests are recommended. Knowledge of Dutch is not a requirement, but the candidate is willing to learn the language as administration and education within the Open University are conducted mainly in Dutch.

Conditions of employment

The PhD candidate will be appointed for a period of 12 months. The appointment will be extended to four years  when progress and performance are good. The salary is € 2.325,- gross per month in the first year and is expected to increase to € 2.972,- in the fourth year, for a full time appointment, contingent on satisfactory performance.

The Open Universiteit provides good secondary benefits such as training, mobility, part-time employment and paid parental leave.

The possition is for 1 year. The appointment will be extended to four years when progress and performance are good.


Open Universiteit

Studying online anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders)
The Open University of the Netherlands (OUNL) is the university in the Netherlands where students study part-time and follow online and activating education in bachelor and master degree programs in seven fields of study. Characteristics of the education are openness, flexibility and quality. Enhancing the study success of students is an important point of focus. More than 14.000 students are studying at the OUNL and it has 655 employees. The OUNL has a network of regional study centers in the Netherlands and in Belgium (Flanders) (https://www.ou.nl/studiecentra). The head office is situated in Heerlen.
The most modern technologies and educational insights are applied in bachelor and master programs and courses and also in projects and programs with partners. Nationally and internationally the OUNL plays a key role in the innovation of higher education. Education and research are closely interrelated which guarantees that the current state of science is applied. The OUNL not only invests in research in the various academic disciplines, but also in research in the field of learning, teaching and technology.

Satisfied students
For several consecutive years, the OUNL has achieved a top position among the fourteen Dutch universities in the National Students Survey, the Dutch university guide ‘Keuzegids Universiteiten’ (in which the ratings by students and experts of the bachelor studies of the fourteen universities are compared), and the Dutch university guide ‘Keuzegids Masters’. In addition all studies score high in the rankings of the universities for these studies. All ratings are available on the website (http://www.ou.nl).


Het KNHG is de grootste organisatie van professionele historici in Nederland. Het biedt een platform aan de ruim 1100 leden en aan de historische gemeenschap als geheel. Word lid van het KNHG.
Het Huygens Instituut beoogt de Nederlandse geschiedenis en cultuur inclusiever maken. Het ontsluit historische bronnen en literaire teksten en ontwikkelt innovatieve methoden, tools en duurzame digitale infrastructuur.