Gepubliceerd op 21-09-2017

PhD Position ‘Resilient Diversity’

The International Institute of Social History (IISH) conducts advanced research on global and economic history of work, workers, and labour relations and to this end gathers data, which are made available to other researchers as well.The KNAW Humanities Cluster includes the International Institute of Social History, the Huygens Institute of Netherlands History and the Meertens Institute. They share one operational office, which organizes and supports the operational management of the Humanities Cluster as a whole and of the three institutes separately.

The Research Department of the IISG is looking  for candidates for a


PhD Postion in History

(38 hours per week, 1 fte)

Project description
The International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam will be appointing a PhD for a four-year period, within the NWO financed project Resilient Diversity: The Governance of Racial and Religious Plurality in the Dutch Empire, 1600-1800. The Early Modern Dutch Empire was characterized by diversity. This project looks into how diversity was governed in the Dutch Empire in the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. At the same time, it examines the reasons for the resilience of institutions of diversity governance and its impact in Early Modern and contemporary society. For more information see  https://socialhistory.org/en/projects/resilient-diversity-governance-racial-and-religious-plurality-dutch-empire-1600-1800

The candidate to this PhD position will be responsible for the development of the subproject Bordering up: regulating mobility through passes, walls and guards. This subproject answers the question how colonial authorities imposed spatial boundaries on mobility in order to maintain the availability of labour to fulfil its economic needs and simultaneously to promote social peace and order. The candidate will be directly supervised by prof. Ulbe Bosma and co-supervised by dr. Matthias van Rossum. For more information see https://socialhistory.org/en/projects/bordering-regulating-mobility-through-passes-walls-and-guards.

This project is a joint endeavour between the International Institute of Social History (IISH-Amsterdam) and the Institute for History, Leiden University. The candidate will work within a team of four senior researchers (at the IISH prof Ulbe Bosma and dr Matthias van Rossum and at Leiden University prof Cátia Antunes, and dr Karwan Fatah Black), two postdoctoral fellows and two PhD candidates.


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