Gepubliceerd op 03-11-2017

Postdoc Researcher Religious History

Since 2015 six-year research project, titled “Rhineland Exiles and the Religious Landscape of the Dutch Republic (c.1550-1618) has been housed at the Faculty of Theology at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam. The goal of this research project is to analyze how the massive emigration and immigration of Reformed Protestants during the Dutch Revolt shaped the religious landscape of the early Dutch Republic.

Within this project there is an open position for one postdoctoral researcher to complete research on leading exiles in the German Rhineland. Whereas the PHD-projects focus on the religious communities during their exile in the German Rhineland, the postdoc project will focus on the influence of leading exiles on the religious landscape of the Dutch Republic after their return. The postdoc will write a monograph on the contributions these former exiles made to the development of religious ideas, both within and from outside the public church, either as a critique or as a supporter of this church. This project will use our database of religious exiles, the writings of these former exiles, and may include a broader source base depending on the postdoc’s research plan in the first year.

Deadline: 6 November 2017

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