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Registration: International Committee of Historical Sciences-Jinan (China), 23-29 August

On 23-29 August 2015 the 22nd congress of the International Committee of Historical Sciences will take place in Jinan, China. The ICHS/CISH has organised five-yearly world congresses of historians since 1926, but with the recent surge in globalisation and in global history, they have begun to reflect the global diversity of history better. For the 2015 congress programmes of financial assistance are in place to assure the attendance of younger historians and historians from diverse countries.

Practical Information

  • Registration. Participants may already register on the website (http://congress.ichschina2015.org/dct/page/1). Fees are cheaper if the registration is done before the 31st March 2015 : 1 082 yuans (banking service charge included) instead of 1 400 yuans ; that means about 140 euros, instead of  200  euros.
  • Visas. Participants may have some informations about the visas on the website (http://congress.ichschina2015.org/dct/page/65584). If they want the Business visa (visa F) they may already give on the website, during their registration, the necessary data in order to receive the letter of invitation (http://congress.ichschina2015.org/dct/page/65554). But, one must know that a visa is for three months. So, participants must not ask too soon their visas to the Chinese authorities in their country, not before June.
  • Hotel reservation is possible on the website (http://congress.ichschina2015.org/dct/page/65559),but only after registration. One has to register first to be given favorable congress rates : booking  the room within the Congress website allows better prices. Four hotels are offered on the website, with a large range of prices. All the sessions of the Congress (Major Themes, Specialised themes, Joint sessions, Round tables, sessions of the International Affiliated Organizations) will be held in the two first hotels:
  • The Shandong Hotel, a huge super 5 star hotel, will be the center of the Congress. Many sessions will be held in this hotel (more information on http://www.sdhotel.com.cn/en/info.html).
  • The Jinan Nanjiao Hotel, a 5 star hotel, is cheaper. It is a 5 minutes walk from the Shandong Hotel and many sessions will be held also in this hotel (more information onhttp://www.jnnjhotel.com/en/).
  • The Shungeng Hillview Hotel , a 4 star hotel :10-15 minutes walk from the Shandong Hotel.
  • The Shunyan Hotel, a 3 star hotel : 15 minutes walk from the Shandong Hotel.

Transportation (see http://congress.ichschina2015.org/dct/page/65585)

  • Buses or taxis from Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing South Railway Station. The 22 and 23 August, there will be at the Beijing airport guides sent by the Organizing Committee of the Congress welcoming the participants and helping them for taxis or buses. There will be also some help the 21 August, if participants give note of their arrival time.By bus, one must count between 1 hour and 2 hours from the Beijing Airport to the Beijing South Railway Station. There will be also some help provided in the Beijing and Jinan Railway stations.
  • Fast trains from Beijing South Railway Station to Jinan West Railway station :every 30 minutes ; the trip lasts between 1 hour 32 and 1 hour 53 minutes ; price: 186 yuans (27 euros)
  • Shuttle buses from Jinan Railway station to your hotel. The Organizing Committee will arrange congress shuttle bus pick-up service to all participants who arrive at Jinan Airport, Jinan West Railway Station and Jinan Railway Station from 8:00 – 24:00 on 22 August 2015, and from 8:00 – 23:00 on 23 August 2015. Between 30 and 45 minutes from the station to the hotels. If one wants to take taxis, it is possible to find on the Congress’ website, and to print, notes saying in Chinese the name and address of the hotel and to be showed to the taxi driver.
  •  Taxis in Jinan : about 2 or 3 euros (except the fare from the Jinan West Railway Station to the hotels : about 10 euros.

Tours and tourism. One may book tours on the website (http://congress.ichschina2015.org/dct/page/65581)

Lunches and dinners. Restaurants within the Congress site : about 3 euros the simple meal. More expensive meals are of course available. Lunches are between 12.15 and 1.30 PM ; dinners between 6 and 7.30 PM.

The Congress organizers offer a welcome reception Sunday 23 August at 6.30 PM after the opening ceremony, and a farewell reception Saturday 29 August at 12.45 after the closing ceremony. The Association of Chinese Historians offers a reception Wednesday 26 August, at 6 PM, before the CISH-Jaeger-LeCoultre Award ceremony : see the programme of the Congress.

Rooms for the sessions. The sessions will be held in the conference rooms of the Shandong Hotel and the Jinan Nanjiao Hotel. The morning sessions are held from 9 AM to 12.15(break included) ; the afternoon sessions between 2 and 5.15 PM (break included) ; the evening sessions, after dinner from 7.45 to 9.30 PM.

The paper givers for the Major themes, the Specialised themes and the Joint sessions will have to send their texts to the organizers and discussants of their sessions. The organizers of the Round Tables will have to send their texts to their commentators. All these papers (40 000 characters or 7 000 words as a maximum) will be sent also to the Organizing Committee (the e-mail will be given later) to be posted on the website of the Congress. The deadline for sending these texts was the 15th March 2015. It is postponed to the 15th May.

More information

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