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Vacature: PhD or Postdoc “Maintaining Public Peace and federal order in the Netherlands in the 16th century” (Universität Giessen)

 Research Project Early Modern History: “Maintaining Public Peace and federal order in the Netherlands in the 16th century” 

The aim of this project is to analyse the relationship between federal order and the collective maintenance of public peace in the 16th-century Netherlands (northern and southern Provinces).
While the Burgundian Treaty of 1548 excluded the Habsburg provinces from the jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Empire, it nonetheless obligated them to maintain the “Eternal” Public Peace of 1495. In the 1560s there were repeated attempts to introduce the system of a religious peace to the Netherlands, and in 1579 the Union of Utrecht – the foundation document of the Republic of Seven United Provinces – still looked to public peace regulations when agreeing on courts of arbitration for solving disputes between individual provinces, for instance. Apart from this, the local militias, responsible for practical peace keeping in a particular town or city, played a vital political and military role in the revolt against the Spanish.

The Project will be part of an international collaborative research Centre (SFB) – “Dynamics of Security” – founded by the DFG, situated at the Justus-Liebig University of Giessen and the University of Marburg.

Language skills: Dutch, French (reading), English – German (reading)
Position: Postdoc or Doctoral (PhD)
Founding Period: 01/2018-12/2021

Contact: Prof. Dr. Horst Carl, Geschichte der Frühen Neuzeit, JLU Gießen

Homepage SFB: http://www.sfb138.de/home/forschung/teilprojekte/b01-landfrieden

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