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Hugo Weiland Prize

The Foundation for Austrian Studies invites lecturers of Dutch universities to nominate talented students whose thesis  investigates an aspect of East-Central European history, politics and culture (i.e. the former lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire)  for the Hugo Weiland Prize. This prize, established in honor of the founding president and current honorary chairman of the Leiden Austrian Studies Foundation, Hugo Weiland, will be awarded every year for a promising BA or MA thesis. Each year BA and MA theses can be submitted; the committee will consider both categories, and can decide to nominate a prize winner for each category. Announced during the spring, the prize will be officially awarded in the fall. Candidates can be recommended by their supervisors after the completion and grading of their thesis, by 15 September the very latest. Supervisors are asked to send  the thesis in an email which shortly explains the merits of the work to Monika Baár m.k.baar@hum.leidenuniv.nl .

A sum of €500 is attached to this prize.

Committee for the Mr. H. Weiland Prize

Previous Mr. H. Weiland Prize winners

Year Student
2018 Quinten Somsen

Foundation for Austrian Studies Stipend

MA and PhD students can apply for a subsidy from the Foundation for Austrian Studies for research into Central-European history, and in particular Austrian history. With this subsidy students can visit relevant libraries and archives for their research. This subsidy can be awarded all year round and will usually be around €500, but can go up to €2000 depending on the submitted research proposal. For the application students need to submit:

  • A motivation letter
  • Curriculum Vitae, including University transcript with grades
  • Research Proposal (2 pages) consisting of:
    1. Description of research theme and question(s)
    2. Scientific relevance
    3. A time schedule
    4. A list of libraries and archives that are to be visited
  • Budget

After the research trip students need to send in a final report no later than two months after their return. This should include a financial report, a brief summary of the trip (2 pages max.), and relevant photographs.

Committee for the grants:

Previous grants awarded

Year Student
2018 Niels Bakhuis
2017 Quinten Somsen

Apart from the Mr. H. Weiland Prize and Stipend, the Foundation will consider support for publication costs of important research in Central European/Austrian history, mostly in the case of PhD dissertations, and particularly for contributing to open access costs. Applications need to include:

  • A cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A description of the book; a PDF of the full text
  • Two reference letters or reports (e.g. by members of the reading committee of the dissertation) commenting on candidate and book
  • A publisher’s endorsement
  • A budget
Hugo Weiland Prize
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Hugo Weiland Prize
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